Examination Chairs &
Upholstery Service

Examination Chairs & Upholstery Service

Our trained service repairs technicians will make sure that your equipment is proper and ready to go at all times. Our examination chairs repair specialists make that possible in an efficient manner, at Encore Autoclave Medical repair Services we provide repair and maintenance service of your medical equipment at just a fraction of the cost of purchasing new equipment.

Repairs, services and maintenance can be done on site or at our facility. We offer autoclave repair service, as well as for Microscopes, Colposcopes, Ultrasounds, your one-stop for your medical equipment requirements in Los Angeles and Ventura greater area.

Encore Autoclave repair service will provide your practice with a loaner equipment in order to ensure the continuity of your business, while repairs or in-our-facilities are being done to your equipment (ask for availability).

This is our idea of continuity, full capacity at all times, anytime.

  • Upholstery Repair
  • Color Selection
  • Rust Remediation
  • Caster Replacement
  • Hydraulics Rams
  • Side Rails (Stretchers)
  • Brake and Steer Adjustments
  • Lubricate
  • Casters
  • Hand and Foot control
  • Braking Mechanism
  • 28 years experience on the field (repair and maintenance)
  • High quality work, cost-efficiency, time sensitive
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week pickup of equipment
  • Loaner Equipment available

If you  need to schedule an evaluation and/or get a quote for your examination chair, table or surgical light service, repair, or maintenance, or just simply to assist you about our services, please don’t hesitate to Contact us, a representative will guide you in all your medical equipment repair needs.

We make it easy. We keep it simple.

That’s our idea of Continuity.

Encore Autoclave

We specialize on:

  • Midmark
  • Hausmann
  • Brewer
  • Hill Laboratories


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