Autoclaves & Sterilizers Repair Service

We know our business on autoclave sterilizer repair, and that is why we understand the importance of a full capacity practice.

At Encore Autoclave our main focus is on the continuity of your business. And for that, the only way, is to be aware of the importance of the sterilization process, we always thought of an all included service, and that is what drives us. To provide you with the most convenient, fast and efficient service we could imagine. We wanted to make it a reality.

Our providers/partners  are the best in their categories, in order to reflect that into your experience, our deals are unbeatable because at Encore Autoclave Repair Service, it’s all about efficiency. So we make the deals, for  you to get the convenience!

Our Professional team works in a coordinated and smart way, 24/7, our smart contact network provides the best tools for a fast response. You can continue as soon as you get in touch. When you need speed, call us! You will never look back.

Ask for Loaners Availability.

We specialize in repair for Autoclaves and Sterilizers for a high variety of manufacturers, including Midmark by Ritter, Tuttnauer, Pelton & Crane, among others. We have the best providers to ensure the fastest and more convenient repair service available

All service calls includes:

  • Remove Housing Panels
  • Full cleaning reservoir chamber and feedlines
  • Full unit inspection
  • Parts Replacement
  • Replacements (Bellows, filters, gaskets, DEM, Solenoid Kits)
  • Wear and Tear Inspection
  • Calibration Safety test
  • Preventive Maintenance

If you need to schedule an evaluation and/or get a quote for your autoclave or sterilizer service, repair, or maintenance, or simply to assist you about our services, please don’t hesitate to Contact us, a representative will guide you in all your medical equipment repair needs.

We make it easy. We keep it simple.

That’s our idea of Continuity.

Encore Autoclave

We specialize on:

  • Midmark (Ultraclave M11 and also Ultraclave M9)
  • SciCan (Parts and Setup)
  • Tuttnauer
  • Ritter
  • Pelton & Crane
  • Yamato
  • Market Forge


Examination Chairs & Upholstery Service